CLIFF is taking you out!

Beside to convey our surf spirit we would love to take you out and show you some precious places around Santa Cruz. If the conditions are not good to surf or you just want to breathe a different air between the surf lessons and the shared dinner, we offer a variety of activities outside the camp. You just need to sign up for that, speak with one of our team members and we will take care about the organization…

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SPO – Shaping Professionals organization

One cannot know alpha and omega of surf without understanding how a surfboard is created.


This is why we invite you to pay a visit to a local shaper and witness the process of making one. Get to know the principles, techniques, materials and some secret tricks first-hand. You can also prepare few tricky questions to the shaper!


Take a peek into the entire process of wine-making and savour a glass or two to give your final verdict.

Just a half an hour drive away, we have a spectacular winery where the tradition and innovation fuse. Visitors will discover the process of producing wine from the very start and have a chance to give their verdict on the final product in the end of a fascinating tour. The architecture of the winery and the surrounding area are absolute visual gems and will provide an aesthetic context for learning about and savouring the unique wines of the Lisbon Region, very much defined by its Atlantic influence.


This lovely fishermen village with narrow cobbled streets is home for some of the biggest world’s waves.

The traditional atmosphere of the place and the power of the ocean make Nazaré a must-visit destination. Originally a renowned Portuguese fishermen village, today a little cozy town, Nazaré got its name spun internationally after Garrett McNamara, Hawaiian pro big-wave rider, conquered there a 30 m (estimated) monster – the largest wave ever surfed. Although since then Nazaré has been mostly viewed as a surf destination, its surroundings will not disappoint an on-land traveller either.

Despite growing tourism, Nazaré still keeps a feeling of authentic Portugal: women wearing 7-skirt traditional garments, ubiquitous fishermen, over-century old fortress and funicular and, of course, narrow cobbled streets woven in between layered, red-roofed houses. The ocean views from Sítio – the upper part located about 110 m above sea level – will take your breath away.


Visitors love this tiny town for its authentic medieval sensation and sturdy castle fortress, ginjinha and original books shops.

Óbidos is an atmospheric medieval town, characteristic of its cobbled lanes, lovely whitewashed cottages framed in yellow and blue, low arched doorways or stone ledges and steps, some of which have been here since the Moorish occupation which ended in the 12th century. Besides walking along and on the fortress walls, peek into the atmospheric book market and the church transformed into a bookshop, and don’t forget to take a sip of the famous ginjinha in between!

Buddha Eden Garden

Fantastic garden lavishly filled with pagodas, sculptures, and statues will keep you surprised at each step across its vast territory.

Buddha Eden is the biggest oriental garden in Europe, with 35 hectares of land covered with buddhas, pagodas, terracotta statues and the various carefully-placed sculptures. An estimated six thousand tons of marble and granite were used to create this monumental work of art.

The central staircase is the focal point of the garden, where the golden Buddhas offer you a calm welcome. There are over 200 sculptures on display surrounded by the shade of a 1000 palms. You will be truly enchanted with the peace and tranquility of this unique and special place.


Peniche is one of the Portuguese surf poles, with the famous Supertubos beach, where the Ripcurl Pro takes place every October. Peniche is also a fishermen town with fish factories. A dark part of the Portuguese history was settled here, with the Fort being used as prison during the dictatorship. Now it’s a museum, dedicated to the sea, but you can still visit the cells of the inmates.
Cabo Carvoeiro is the cape in Peniche, with the light house. You can drive along the coast, and make a few stops to visit the caves formed in the limestone cliffs. The fest of Peniche is in honour of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem (Our Lady of the Safe Journey) and it is held in the beginning of August.
In front of Peniche, lies in the middle of the ocean a natural treasure – the Berlengas islands.

Dino park

Dino Park is a theme park dedicated to dinosaurs. It’s like a giant outdoor museum, where you feel you are inside Jurassic Park, without the scary scenes but with life size dinosaur statues – 180 in total. It’s located in Lourinhã, a small town on our way to Peniche where some dinosaur bones, footsteps and archaeological remains were found. Ps. It is also in Lourinhã where we make a stop for a perfect warming bread with chouriço.

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