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Surfing is not just a sport, it’s a whole lifestyle and attitude towards life.
So whatever your expectations are pre-arrival….forget them! Get ready to get your mind blown away!
From Monday to Sunday, CLIFF goes surfing non-stop, yay! CLIFF offers group and private surf lessons as well as surf guiding.
The experience and qualifications of our surf instructors allow to teach effectively people of all levels:
from the very beginners to advanced riders. Whatever your level is our team cannot wait to greet you on board!

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CLIFF Surf School

In CLIFF surf school, surf lessons are composed in a way that enables joyful, step-by-step and easy-to-follow learning process. While every surf session is unique when it comes to feeling and content, there are core principles that form a solid basis of our surf teaching philosophy.

What we've got

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For all levels!

Group Sessions

Learning to surf in a group is probably the most affordable and fun way to master the art of walking on water. Groups are formed according to surf level and never exceed 6 people per surf coach to assure safety and sufficient attention to every participant.

You will enjoy a surf lesson of about 2 hours daily. It includes a warm-up, all necessary theory, surfing, a short snack break, and an after-surf stretching. Traveling to a surf spot may add up to 2 hours in case the conditions do not allow running a surf session at our home break.

Our goal is not just to get you stand on board, but pass on all the essential knowledge and skills that you can take away with you and use to progress further on your own.

private lessons

One-on-one tuition is a perfect option for anyone seeking even more in-depth and intensive learning process or feeling the need in a teaching that would focus 100% on him/her. Having a surf instructor only for you equals an utmost personalized approach and faster progress.

Contrary to popular belief, private lessons are not only suitable for beginners. Intermediate and advanced surfers can also greatly benefit from the guidance by an experienced surf instructor. With the help of video recordings, you will analyze your surfing in a great detail, discuss and correct mistakes, and define future goals.


While you can be a confident rider, surfing at a home beach or at an unknown spot are whole different stories, and even like that you still have to find that unknown spot in the first place. This is why surf guiding is a treasure offer for any intermediate or advanced surfer.

Taking a ´surf tour´ with a local savvy surfer, who on top of that is a certified surf instructor, is the surest way to maximize your surf experiences in a new destination. The surf guide will take you to the best and most appropriate spots, explain how they work and how to surf them.

Hence, the time you would otherwise spend searching for waves, you will actually spend in the water, enjoying the best existing conditions. Moreover, sessions with a surf guide result in a higher safety, emptier line-ups and a deeper understanding of a destination surf profile.

Services Rates

  • Group Sessions

    1 Session . 50€

    2 Sessions . 85€

    5 Sessions . 200€

  • Private Lessons

    1 lesson . 100€

    2 lessons . 180€

    5 lessons . 350€

  • Surf Guide

    1 Session . 25€*

    2 Sessions . 50€*

    10 Sessions . 200€*

    *prices stated are for a group of minimum 3 people

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We might be a little crazy, but we are great surf teachers 😀

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Between the sea and the cliffs, you don’t just learn to catch good waves – it goes way behind. If you let the CLIFF spirit touch your soul, you will collect experiences for your life, make new friends that can become family, learn to appreciate the nature and feel harmony with yourself. If you just go with the flow, the magic of this place can show you a new way to live…

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