You can be a a surf queen or a king of party, but being a responsible tourist is definitely cooler. It is also waaaay easier than conquering 3 meter green waves or dancing your feet off until 8 a.m. Don´t believe it? Here are three easy – peanuts! – actions to be the kind of tourist the community adores and Cliff truly appreciates! It´s your interest after all that in Cliff we appreciate you – the legend says the service gets even better! 😉


You can be a a surf queen or a king of party
but being a responsible tourist is definitely cooler.



(No, or at least, less) Plastic Bottles & Bags

Let’s do some simple maths. A person staying in Cliff with a Surf Package (7 nights/ 8days) drinks on average 16 litres of water during their stay or even more given the heat & activities. This results in 16/1,5 litre (standard bottle) = 11 plastic bottles. E-L-E-V-E-N. Now, imagine the quantities throughout the season. Scary and sad, we know. The solution is, however, straightforward:

  • Bring your water bottle with you
  • Enjoy a CLIFF water bottle if you come with a pack
  • Or you can get one  already in CLIFF. It costs only 8 EUR , and since we offer refill, it is cheaper than buying single bottles and will also make a great souvenir.

The same story with plastic bags: avoid when possible! Guests coming with the packs will always get a cool CLIFF tote bag in the beginning of their stay, and others can purchase one only for a few Euros.


Bring your water bottle with you.


Your Sunscreen Might be a Killer

Did you know that the chemicals, especially oxybenzone, contained in the vast majority of sunscreens do an irreversible harm to corals and marine life? They bleach corals and even change the gender of water species. The effect of these chemicals on humans still remains unexplored but many scientists argue they provoke cancer and trigger hormone changes.

You can get additional information on the issue and check your sunscreen via the link below (the higher the number, the worse): 

As a shortcut, Neutrogena, L´óreal, La Roche Porsay, Vichy, Hawaii Tropic are the ones to avoid.

Also, opt for creams instead of sprays.

In CLIFF, we are happy to offer you ocean and skin friendly surf sticks, but, please, take care of the general use sunscreen yourself 😉

Think Globally, Buy Locally



Santa Cruz boasts a lovely and abundant daily (except Mondays) fresh market. Fruits and veggies, fish and meat,  cheese and bakery – everything displayed before you by sweet Portuguese grannies, who may not speak English but will anyway sell you few kg´s of something simply with a smile. The prices are normal, but the local experience – priceless.


…for local granny every euro counts
and selling more thanks to you
will mean being so much better off during low season!

Then a nearby village Povoa de Penafirme, as little as it is, offers everything you might need throughout your stay: grocery shop, butcher’s, frutaria, grilled chicken, and the world’s best bakery – we swear! Basically, this means that there is no need to go to Pingo Doce or Intermarché supermarkets to do your shopping. These guys, of course, want your money  but they will do just fine without it, while for local granny every euro counts and selling more thanks to you will mean being so much better of during low season!




It is the tiny decisions that make a big difference to our world and community, and going on vacation may mean switching OFF your head completely, but let’s keep the responsibility ON, hm?

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