Yoga is a sure route to a healthier and richer living through learning how to nourish and control every aspect of self. In Sanskrit, yoga means “union” –  the harmony between body, mind, spirit, being, and surrounding environment. A heritage of wise Indians, yoga counts thousands of years of existence.

Yoga is a discipline/philosophy for those who seek outer as well as inner change. A regular practice of asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) allows you to unlock your mental and physical potential, boost energy flows, build a strong and flexible body and develop consciousness. You will also learn ways to take control over your emotions in stressful situations of everyday living. Furthermore, the promise of what we all seek: more vitality and a longer lifespan!

So why not come and give it a try?


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Yoga and Surfing

While surf and yoga haven’t always walked hand-in-hand, they turned out to complement each other perfectly, and today yoga is a full-time resident at surf camps and vice versa. This is not a coincidence, though. As with surfing, yoga isn’t just a work out or sport. Surf and yoga are both lifestyles that revolve around our connection with self and surrounding, demand and develop focus and balance, and require continuous work with the body, mind and spirit.

Along with better balance and flexibility, surfers practicing yoga enjoy a strong command of breathing and stress control techniques. On the other hand, for yogis, surfing can be viewed as an extension of a daily practice with a new level of focus, intensity and fluidity. Finally, the ocean is the wisest teacher of humility and humbleness – qualities greatly valued in yoga and surfing alike.

Our yoga lessons usually take place in the morning so that everybody can participate (surf folks included). Plus, there’s no better way to start the day than an invigorating yoga session, right?

Most of the time we organise them indoors but when the days are especially lovely, we grab the mats and go to the beach to workout to the lulling sound of the waves. And of course inhale the fresh ocean breeze and exhale any worries that are still here from working days.

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