To relieve those well-surfed muscles or simply relax, treat yourself with a heavenly massage and natural therapy – Tui Na.









Tui Na is one of the great pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It uses a wide range of manual techniques to prevent and treat diseases. TUI literally means “push” and NA means “grab”. They are two of the manual techniques that make up this practice, aimed at the basic principles of acupuncture but replacing the needles with acupressure / manipulation of specific points in order to move, release and strengthen the blood and inner energy.


It is an intense massage, since its aim is to trigger auto regeneration, as well as analgesic and immune processes in the recipient. It helps with the recovery of joint mobility, reducing spasms and inflammation, strengthening organic energy and metabolic activity (amongst others).


Apart from Tui Na, our highly experienced therapist and masseuse has to offer an extensive array of many other therapies upon request.

Want to know a secret? Those who’ve tried it, say she has magical hands 😉
If you try it, you’ll cry for more! XD