Every year in July, Santa Cruz hosts the Ocean Spirit Festival revolving around water sports such as surf, bodysurf, kitesurf, kayaksurf, waveski, windsurf, and SUP. The athletes from across the world come to participate in the competitions of the international level , and Santa Cruz suddenly resembles an Olympic village.

Praia do Mirante Praia do Mirante

Besides competitions, the day brings with it all sorts of entertainment – from swimming pool activities to open market to interactive tents of brands. As the sun is moving west, the chilled beach atmosphere gives way to a vibrant nightlife with concerts and djs…that carries on right until the sunrise and determined athletes are again in the water, preparing for another day of a competition. And on, and on it goes for over a week.


In 2018 CLIFF had the pleasure to host the German junior team, taking part in the Eurosurf competition. Thank you all for your trust and the good vibes. It was so nice having you hear, we hope we can repeat it 🙂
See more about it in our Eurosurf post 😉

German team
German team Eurosurf 2018 Santa Cruz Portugal

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