How to get to Santa Cruz

Wondering how to get here, to this beautiful paradise on the West Coast? Do not wonder no more! Here’s the answer:

There are three ways to get to us: booking our shuttle service, by public transport or by car if you rent one 😉 Below you’ll find detailed information on how to arrive safe and sound at CLIFF. Choose the option that suits you best 🙂

To come with public transport you’ll need to:
1. Take the underground directly from the airport, red line direction “S. Sebastião”
2. Get off at “Alameda” station and switch to the green line direction “Telheiras”
3. Get off at “Campo Grande” station. Outside the underground you’ll find the bus station. Just across the street you’ll find the bus stop to “Torres Vedras”
4. Take a bus direction Torres Vedras – Directa A8. It goes directly via highway, and takes about 40 minutes (only in the city of Torres Vedras it stops a couple of times).
5. Get off really at the end of the line, where the bus station is. There you can catch a bus to Santa Cruz/Póvoa de Penafirme. Our bus stop is “Vale de Janelas – Rotunda da Vigia”, just a two minute walk. Not all the buses come all the way up here, some stop at the village centre (the ones that end in “Santa Cruz” on the timetable). So let us know the estimated time of arrival at Santa Cruz and we come to pick you up. Please get off at the bus stop by the beach (it’s the last stop when the bus finishes at Santa Cruz).
Contact us and we’ll send you the schedules for both buses. The schedules differ on week days and weekends/bank holidays.
The whole journey should take about 2 / 2,5 hours, depending on the bus connections.

If you’re not into public transport, and do not have patience for all the interchanges, do not worry! We offer a pretty comfy and entertaining ride with our shuttle service 😛
What you need to book the service? Just send us your flight details (time of arrival and flight number) and an available mobile number that we can reach you at if necessary.

Our airport shuttle rates are as follows:
from 8:00 to 20:00 60€ basis + 10€/extra pax
from 20:00 to 00:00 90€ basis + 10€/extra pax

If you’ve booked the Surf Pack and arrive on the weekend, then…lucky you! We offer 50% discount on day shuttles (from 8:00 to 20:00). So secure your spot!
Luggage in the trunk, seat belt on, and here we go! 😀

If you’re more into racing the streets on your own and don’t want to hear those wicked GPS voices, then here are some guidelines for the journey:

1. Go to  E1 road from  Av. Berlim direction A8 highway
2.Once on the A8 you need to drive for a while (about 25 minutes) and then take the exit 9 of A8 to Vimeiro / Ramalhal
3. Next, take direction A-dos-Cunhados/ Santa Cruz. Follow the signage.
4. When arriving at the first roundabout in Santa Cruz, go to your right, 1st exit direction Praia da Vigia/ Praia do Amanhã
5. Turn left into Rua A-Ver-o-Mar, (you’ll see greenhouses on your right) make the curve and a bit further on turn right. Your on our street no, Rua Sol e Atlântico.
6. At the end of the street, to your right, you will see CLIFF surfcamp – a yellow house with solar panels on top. No chance to miss it: we have Pingu as our neighbour, with his white and rounded iglo 😛

An alternative route, is to take the A8 exit to Torres Vedras Sul and from there follow the signage to Santa Cruz.

Congratulations! You arrived safe and sound. Let’s get that holiday started! 😀

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