Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come with the pack but for fewer nights?

No. Each pack suggests a fixed minimum number of nights (seven). But despite the length of your stay, we promise to compose the best possible holiday specially for you 🙂

Can I stay longer than just the 7 nights from the pack?

Yes, of course! We’d be very happy to host you for longer 🙂
These are considered extra nights, which include the accommodation, breakfast and a surf lesson on week days.
The packs themselves work only in multiples of 7.

Can I exchange a service from the pack that I don’t want for another?

No. The pack was designed in order for you to enjoy these services. If for whatever reason you do not want to use a certain service, you lose the right of it.
Ex. exchanging the vegetarian dinner for sushi. This is not possible.

Can I give my lessons from the pack that I don’t want to my friend?

No, it is not possible to hand over a service from the pack to another party. The content is personal and non-transferable.

Is surf guiding included in the pack?

No, only group surf lessons are included in the pack. Surf guide is an extra service.

How is the booking procedure?
  1. Please fill in our booking form.
  2. According to your request, we will contact you with a quote that is valid for 48 hours after issuing date.
  3. Once we agree on the offer, we will send you our bank details for the deposit.
    The booking deposit is 25% of the total amount of your reservation.

    Deposit shall be paid within 48 hours after the bank details were sent to you in order to validate your booking.
  4. Once we acknowledge the payment, we will send you a confirmation voucher with the details of your booking. Done 🙂
Can I book a specific room in CLIFF?

No. Due to property management reasons, we never guarantee a specific room to the guest, but will always try to meet your preferences when it’s possible!

Can I stay in a double room by myself?

Yes, we have private accommodation option. However there is a surcharge applied to single occupancy of double rooms.

Are bed linens and towels included in the price of the stay?

Yes, they are. So you have more space in your bag to bring cool stuff 😉

Can I arrive any day of the week?

Yes, you can! We do not have a fixed arrival/departure day, so you can come when it suits you best. Just leave, we are not so sure you’ll want to… 😉
For surf packs we recommend arriving during the weekend, as the surf course starts on Monday.

I want to book a family trip with my kids. Can I stay at yours?

During high season some restrictions apply. We do not accept bookings for families and children. Additionally our surf lessons are only for 18+.
For low season bookings you can get in touch and we will see what we can do according to our availability.

Can I pay with credit card in CLIFF surfcamp?

Yes, you can. We accept Visa and Mastercard. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express.

What payment methods do you accept?

When booking your stay with us, you have 3 options of payment: bank transfer, Paypal or credit card.
On site you can pay with cash or credit card.

Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?

No. After your booking is confirmed, the deposit is non-refundable. However, if you have to cancel your stay, you will receive a voucher equivalent to the paid deposit value that you can use for another holiday at CLIFF surf camp. These vouchers are valid for one year since the day of issue.

Can I get a refund if I do not benefit from a service that was included in the pack?

If you didn’t benefit from a certain service out of your choice (for example you did not wish to participate in the vegetarian dinner), then you do not get the right for a refund.
If you didn’t benefit from a service because of external issues (for example an injury during a surf lesson that hinders you from continuing the surf course) then CLIFF will issue a voucher for the remaining lessons.

Can I join the surf course only on Monday?

No, you can join any day, however we think it’s best if you do so. We do not have a specific starting/ending day of the surf course, but recommend all guests to start at the same time on Mondays. If it’s really not possible to you, then the day after your arrival you can join and we will integrate you in the group according to your level.

I’m renting an Airbnb in Santa Cruz. Can I still join your surf lessons, if I’m not staying at your camp?

Of course! Everybody is always welcome to join our lessons. We love to share the passion for surf with everyone! Booking in advance is required, so we know how many students to count with (and proportional number of instructors). Please give us a call [00351 261 938 618] or send an e-mail [] with the following information: your name, age, how many people want to join, height and surf level (beginner, intermediate, never surfed before, already catch green waves)

Can I have a surf lesson on Saturday?

Yes, you can. We want you to surf as much as possible during your stay! However lessons on the weekend are considered extra lessons. So the group lessons included in the pack are not valid for Saturdays and Sundays.

Can I book surf guiding?
I am not sure whether I would like to do yoga or surfing, can I decide on the spot?

It is better to book in advance, just so we can organise everything for your holiday to run smoothly, without hickups 🙂

Can I rent a board at CLIFF surfcamp?

No. This is no longer possible. For safety reasons the surf schools from Santa Cruz no longer rent equipment. The option you have is the surf shop in the village centre, they still rent equipment.

Can I use the equipment outside of lessons times?

No, sorry. The equipment is only for use during the lessons. Our lessons are 2 hours long, so you’ll have time to practice. We’ll take you surfing at the best times, considering tides and overall conditions.

Where is CLIFF surfcamp located?

CLIFF surfcamp is settled in charming Santa Cruz, a village in the middle of the two surf hubs Ericeira and Peniche. Just about one hour away from the capital Lisbon and its airport Humberto Delgado.



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How do I get to CLIFF surfcamp from Lisbon airport?

To get to the camp you have 3 options:

How do CLIFF Shuttles work?

If you have a reservation in our surf camp, we will assure the transfer from Lisbon airport to CLIFF. An authorized person will be waiting for our guests outside the airport at a specific meeting point.

Our shuttles need to be booked in advance so we can organise all the pick-ups. To do so we require the following details:

  • your flight number and arrival time
  • number of people travelling
  • if you carry any oversized luggage or boards
  • one mobile number to contact you
How much does CLIFF shuttle cost?

Our shuttle rates are:

  • from/to Lisbon Airport
    8:00 – 20:00    60€ + 10€/extra pax                          20:00 – 00:00    90€ + 10€/extra pax
  • from/to Torres Vedras
    8:00 – 20:00    25€ + 5€/extra pax                            20:00 – 00:00     55€ + 5€/extra pax

Ex. shuttle for 4 people: 60€ + 30€ / 4 = 22,50€ for each person

Arriving by public transport

To come with public transport you’ll need to catch the underground and two buses. Instructions come below.
[considering starting point the Lisbon airport]
1. Take the underground directly from the airport, red line direction “S. Sebastião”
2. Get off at “Alameda” station and switch to the green line direction “Telheiras”
3. Get off at “Campo Grande” station. Outside the underground you’ll find the bus station. Just across the street you’ll find the bus stop to “Torres Vedras”
4. Take a bus direction Torres Vedras – Directa A8. It goes directly via highway, and takes about 40 minutes (only in the city of Torres Vedras it stops a couple of times).
5. Get off really at the end of the line, where the bus station is. There you can catch a bus to Santa Cruz/Póvoa de Penafirme. Our bus stop is “Vale de Janelas – Rotunda da Vigia”, just a two minute walk. Not all the buses come all the way up here, some stop at the village centre (the ones that end in “Santa Cruz” on the timetable). So let us know the estimated time of arrival at Santa Cruz and we come to pick you up. Please get off at the bus stop by the beach (it’s the last stop when the bus finishes at Santa Cruz).

Send us an e-mail and we will forward you the bus timetables.

Arriving by car

The easiest and fastest way to get to the camp by car is taking the A8 highway.

[considering starting point Lisbon airport]

  1. Go to E1 road from  Av. Berlim direction A8 highway
  2. After travelling some time in A8 (about half an hour), take the exit 9 of A8 to Vimeiro / Ramalhal
  3. Next, take direction A-dos-Cunhados and then Santa Cruz
  4. When arriving at the first roundabout in Santa Cruz, take the 1st exit direction Praia da Vigia also known as Praia do Amanhã
  5. Turn left, then after the curve a bit further on, turn right into Rua Sol e Atlântico
  6. At the end of the street, to your right you will see CLIFF surfcamp

Still got questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. Write below your question and we’ll try to be brief in the reply.


Rua Sol e Atlântico, 10 – Praia da Vigia, Santa Cruz
2560 – 046 Póvoa de Penafirme


+351 261 938 618